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What's up PVHS Prom Folk. Here are the images from your special night. Hope you had a great time and an even greater weekend! Please be safe and stay in one piece until your off to college or whatever you choose to do.

You can purchase images from this website by adding them to your cart and following the instructions. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

John @ JargaPix
PVHS_Senior _Prom-0002PVHS_Senior _Prom-0001PVHS_Senior _Prom-0003PVHS_Senior _Prom-0004PVHS_Senior _Prom-0005PVHS_Senior _Prom-0006PVHS_Senior _Prom-0009PVHS_Senior _Prom-0074PVHS_Senior _Prom-0075PVHS_Senior _Prom-0076PVHS_Senior _Prom-0077PVHS_Senior _Prom-0078PVHS_Senior _Prom-0079PVHS_Senior _Prom-0080PVHS_Senior _Prom-0081PVHS_Senior _Prom-0082PVHS_Senior _Prom-0083PVHS_Senior _Prom-0084PVHS_Senior _Prom-0085PVHS_Senior _Prom-0086